Bubble Dome





Bubble  Dome


Comes with 70 balloons of different sizes up to 3 colors.

******Soft Play Rules

~Play at your own risk

~No shoes – Please wear socks

~No food, drinks, or gum

~No sharp objects Scissors, jewelry, keys, and eyeglasses are not allowed

~No adhesive of any kind

-No Face paint

~No pets/animals

~No pushing, wrestling, or rough play in the soft play area.

~Only 6 kids at a time

~Adult supervision is required.

~Children under 15 must be supervised by an adult at all times

Decorations Not Included

****Please NOTE:  Adult Supervision Required at ALL times to manage opening and closing of doors!


***NO Confetti Balloons or bubbles permitted in bubble house. Balloons may pop.

RULES:  For safety reasons the Bubble House MUST be set up in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. No shoes, Socks are required.

Add balloons on the outside of the Bubble House for an additional cost.

*All rentals are subject to tax, processing fee and delivery fees.

* This is a 4 Hour Rental

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